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General Questions

Q: Does Netaxis Digital Phone support the traditional 911 service?
A: With Netaxis Digital Phone, you get the full support to the 911 and Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) emergency services. When you dial 9-1-1 from your Netaxis Digital Phone, our systems provides your name, address and telephone number to the emergency control centre serving your municipality, the same way as with traditional telephone.

Q: How does Netaxis Digital Phone Service work?
A: Netaxis Digital Phone Services are digitized in the home, ensuring the highest level of voice quality. With Netaxis Digital Phone Service, voice communications are transported through a dedicated channel of your cable network, which guarantees that there will not be any interference with your data communications. This means your telephone conversations will be crystal clear and your communications will be of high quality.

Q: Will my home alarm system work in case of a power outage?
A: Netaxisís Digital Phone modem contains a back-up battery feature which is capable of providing up to 8 hrs of standby powering for the modem. This means that the telephone service will be maintained for up to 8 hrs by the back-up battery. Your alarm system however, may or may not have battery back-up capabilities so to be sure, you should contact your alarm system provider to satisfy yourself that the electronics in your alarm system will continue to work during an AC power failure.

Q: Where can I call with my new Netaxis Digital Phone Service?
A: You are free to call anywhere within Canada and the continental US at any time. Overseas calls, however, are not available at this time with this service. If you need to call overseas, you can use any calling card that begins with 1-8xx. In the case of toll-free numbers, you don't need to dial "1" before the "8xx" toll-free number.

Q: Can I receive collect calls?
A: No, you will not be able to receive collect calls on your phone at this time.

Q: Is the "bill-to-third-number call" service available?
A: No, this service is not available at this time. All calls you make are included in your unlimited calling plan.

Q: Will my name be listed in the phone directory?
A: Yes, the name appearing on your phone bill will be the one displayed in the phone directory. For a monthly fee of $2.00, you can have your name and phone number not listed in the phone directory. Note that your name will still be displayed when you make phone calls unless you dial *67 before each call.

Q: Can I receive calls from overseas?
A: Yes, incoming calls placed from outside Canada and the continental US will be put through to you just as they were before you switched phone services.

Q: Can I call toll-free numbers?
A: 1-800, 1-888, 1-877 and any other toll-free numbers you could access before, you can access now with Cogeco Digital Phone Service. In the case of toll-free numbers, you don't need to dial "1" before the "8xx" toll-free number. However, please note that the call will still go through if you dial "1".

Q: Will my Netaxis Internet connection or Netaxis Digital Cable be affected by this service?
A: Even though they use the same channel, you can use your phone and the Internet at the same time, without any problems with either service. This also applies to your Netaxis Digital Cable Service, which will not be affected by your Cogeco Digital Phone.

Q: Are there other features or services that are not currently available?
A: There are a number of services that are not available at the moment but will be launched in the future. Here are some examples:
- Last Call Return *69
- Three-Way Calling
- International calling
- 900-976 numbers
- Support for home security system.

Q: Is *57 Call Trace available?
A: Yes, this service is available and part of the monthly fee.

Q: Is *67 Call Display Blocking available?
A: This feature is available and free of charge.

Q: Is 711 Message Relay Services available ?
A: Yes, this feature is available and included without additional charge in your monthly fee. Relay services 711 is a service that allows hearing-impaired and/or speech-impaired individuals to communicate by phone with any other non-impaired persons with a relay agent acting as an intermediary.

Q: Why can't I move my multifunction cable modem?
A: A lock has been put to ensure that 911 calls will be handed off to the Emergency 911 Call Center serving your residence which could not happen if the equipment is moved from its initial location.

Q: How many voice mail messages will your service allow?
A: You will be able to receive up to 20 messages of 5 minutes in length.

Q: Can I change the number of rings before voice mail picks up?
A: No, it is not possible to change the number of rings.

Q: Is Netaxis Digital Phone Service compatible with fax machines and interac/debit systems?
A: The Netaxis Digital Phone service currently offers one phone line for voice communications purposes. We do not guarantee its compatibility neither with fax machines or interac/debit lines.

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